Yoga World & Pesto is a Luton blog dedicated to sharing, celebrating and sometimes lamenting the availability (or otherwise) of high-quality retail, leisure and cultural experiences in Luton (with a special focus on High Town, Round Green and Luton town centre). We will explore what’s good and what we wished was better in Luton, town of aspiration and welcome, bar none.

This blog was born of a conversation on Christmas Day 2012, when a sinister cabal of aspirational, forthright, left-liberal ethical types got together to have a good old grumble about Luton in general, and High Town Road in particular. We dreamed of a day when we would be able to spend our hard-earned cash in the town where we live, and in the smaller, independent stores which we long to support, but which do not currently offer the kinds of services and products we would love to buy, be they fairly-traded, locally sourced, ethical, artisanal, hand-crafted, beautifully designed, or otherwise. Call us pretentious and middle-class if you will. We just want to live the aspirational Luton dream that is Yoga World & Pesto.

And let’s be clear: we may be snarky as hell but we do love Luton, warts and all.  We believe Luton is a town of amazing diversity that also happens to be the Next Big Thing: not only are we naturally hated by the Daily Mail, we boast remarkable transport connections (an airport, a motorway AND a 22 minute fast train to London!), our own university, and an abundance of beautiful, sturdy Victorian and Edwardian housing at prices to make Londoners drool…

Yoga World & Pesto is written primarily by Cappuccino Police, a cappuccino-loving Luton resident who divides her time between studying, bodywork and politely sending back over-milky cappuccinos. The name ‘Yoga World & Pesto’ was inspired by the world-defeating genius that is ‘Wallpaper World & Paints’, a general hardware shop that quite incidentally also sells wallpaper (and paints) on the High Town Road, Luton.

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  4. Came across this we trying to remember the name of the new cafe in the town centre, opposite Debenhams….thanks for the answer. Planning a visit really soon.
    Sometimes having a poor memory takes me off on little mystery tours with positive outcomes. Have enjoyed reading your posts; they have prompted several smiles and amused sniggers and even a small snort! I’ll be back.

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  6. I also send back over milky capuccinos. I’m glad I am not alone. I once got booted out of a shop for doing so.
    I enjoyed your piece on Luton Hoo, where I will be going this weekend!

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